Detailing Services

Together with our standard cleaning services we can offer our customers extensive detailing services, which include:

Interior Detailing from £199


  • Interior carpets extensively vacuumed washed and treated
  • Carpet over mats extensively vacuumed washed and treated
  • Boot space extensively vacuumed washed and treated
  • Upholstery extensively vacuumed washed and treated
  • Dash and air vents, brushed, vacuumed and dressed
  • Centre console brushed, vacuumed and dressed
  • Door cards brushed, vacuumed, cleaned and dressed
  • Upholstery extraction shampooed
  • Door cards extraction shampooed
  • Head lining spot cleaned
  • Leather upholstery shampooed, dried and treated
  • Ashtrays emptied and washed
  • Interior glass polished
  • Interior mirrors polished
  • Air freshener and de odorise
  • Steam Cleaning and Sanitising

Exterior Detailing from £250

  • Pressure pre-wash
  • Alloy wheels more extensively cleaned
  • Hand wash with wax shampoo
  • Pressure rinse and dry
  • Door shuts cleaned, polished and waxed
  • Bonnet and boot gutters polished and waxed
  • Windows polished and cleaned
  • Engine bay steam cleaned
  • Plastics and rubbers treated
  • Mouldings cleaned and treated
  • Paintwork clayed and machine polish
  • Paint work polished after clayed
  • Paint work waxed after machine polish
  • All trims cleaned, treated and polished

Clay bar Detailing

Clay bar is a specially designed resin component, which is similar in texture to dough. Along with correct clay lube it can remove all imperfections, contamination and road dirt from the surface of the car that cannot be removed by weekly washing such as bugs, tar, sap, paint, overspray etc. It consists on picking up the bounded contamination and pulling them away from the bodywork. The contamination and dirt will be embedding in clay, which eliminates the possibility of scratching the surface of the car.

Price depends on vehicle size and condition, for more information please call.

Machine Polish

If you are not satisfied with the paint work on your car because it looks hazy, cloudy, has fine scratches when it stays in the sun or the surface feels rough, you definitely need Machine Polish. Machine polish uses Radom Orbital Action to clean the surface and smoothes the paintwork. Different types of polishing pad foams or wool are used in order to remove fine scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other imperfections to the vehicle surface, caused from improper washing or drying techniques.
Protecting involves the applications of a protective wax in the form of liquid or paste; this prevents foreign matter from adhering to the surface of the vehicle body, including minerals in water, bugs splatter, tar and dirt. Waxes and sealant provide a barrier to protect paintwork and future damage to the paint.